Vietnam Construction and Environmental Technology Co.,LTD  with 16 years of experience, the center has made valuable contributions. polar, bringing hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of clean water each year to the people in the northern provinces. In response to the development of society and proactively addressing production activities to satisfy customers’ needs. Vietnam Construction Investment and Environment Technology Joint Stock Company is an indispensable one, established and transformed the production model under the Enterprise law, in 2008 the Company became an independent economic unit. , production and business with the purpose of profit and socio-economic development. Implementing the policy of industrialization and modernization of the country, Vietnam is on the path of economic development with impressive growth, with the motto of sustainable development always learns and exchanges with its international partners. To get advanced technology products and devices to meet the country’s green growth and development. In the field of environmental treatment, is a pioneer in new revolutionary technology solutions, especially water treatment technology. In addition, the company is also a distributor of Medical Waste Incinerators, Hazardous Waste of INCINER 8 – UK, the products are published and sold widely in 90 countries, with advanced technology to ensure only Vietnam environmental standards, European countries’ standards on emissions.